"thinkTASC offers a simple formula to help your people grow enabling them to build on their key strengths and take responsibility for their personal development so that they can achieve so much more."
Paul MacKinnon, thinkTASC


thinkTASC Director Paul Mackinnon tells young rising sports talent what it takes to be an elite athlete at Mary Peters Trust Awards Event.

What does it take to be an elite athlete?

Paul told event attendees that “talent alone is not enough and performance foundations, such as coachability, motivation, dedication and resilience, are the key to reaching and sustaining success”. He went on to say that “It’s imperative to have the right support team behind you and if you work with the right people in the right environment at the right time you are more likely to succeed in your sporting discipline.”

The young athletes who attended the event were inspired and motivated by the presentation and the theme of ‘Talent Is Never Enough’ which focused on what it takes to become a high performing athlete. It is based on a set of 11 characteristics that are common amongst elite performers in global sport.

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