"Team motivation and development is crucial to success in the sporting world. thinkTASC's model has been inspired by one of the world's top high performance sports, New Zealand rugby, and their consistent success on the world stage."
Stuart Lancaster, England Rugby Head Coach.


London 2012 - How having the right support team in place can propel you to the very top of your business.

A case in point...The Jessica Ennis Support Team.

We all heard how devastated Jessica Ennis was when she didn’t feature in the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games due to injury. How brilliant was it to see Ennis come back four years later and compete in London and take the gold medal? This wasn’t something she achieved all by herself. She was obviously extremely driven, focused and motivated but she had a dedicated team of individuals who mentored and coached her both physically and mentally so that she was ready for London 2012. Her team consisted of dedicated coaches, physiotherapists, doctors, a masseur, a psychologist, a physiologist, a nutritionist, a biomechanist and an agent. The right team and mix of people came together at the right time to enable Ennis to achieve success.

The same formula can be applied across all sectors, including business and different sporting disciplines, to bring out the best in people. We saw it in Team GB cycling and rowing in particular and thinkTASC’s Paul Mackinnon has seen the same happen in New Zealand Rugby.

This applies to successful performance in business as well and the lessons can be readily transferred by thinkTASC. Get in touch with us today to find out how.

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