"People development is so crucial to business in today's economic climate. I believe that thinkTASC's Mi Plan template offers a unique and cost effective way to develop and grow individuals so that they become better at what they do."
Ken Belshaw, Co-Founder and Director, Grafton Recruitment.

Project Focus


thinkTASC understand that there’s an air of ‘unease’ in our economy right now. Unemployment rates are soaring, the price of living is mounting, our youth are spending less time outdoors in the “real” world, we as a society are overweight and our High Streets are suffering. It all sounds a bit gloomy doesn’t it?

At thinkTASC we are not so gloomy! We see potential everywhere. With hundreds of skilled individuals leaving school and university every year, a ready workforce keen to return to action, business’s yearning to stand out and our towns all with their fair share of disused and accessible buildings.

thinkTASC have created a concept around the High St Hub which provides an opportunity to create a vibrant, social, activity and information resource in town centres. A new focal point for community development and social engagement.

It will focus a town’s resources in a welcoming, central location and bring together local agencies to drive new standards in health, employment, training and community involvement and promote the green prescription with GP's.

The Hub will provide a range of activities, it will be a place to play, to share, a place to eat, drink and engage. It will be an aid for people searching for work or a career, it will encourage and guide a growing and active community. People will come to celebrate, culture old and new to initiate change.

The HUB will be a trend responsive, evolving initiative, driven in part by our leaders as well as fresh enthusiastic graduates driven by the powerful desire to succeed and maximise performance!

The thinkTASC High Street Hub, is a new Anchor Store in the fight to save our high streets.  A place that will welcome the elderly, bring families together, a place for youth to grow, social enterprises to flourish and where individuals can shine. 

thinkTASC are maximising performance by standing up for the community by offering a new dimension in community engagement. A pilot scheme is currently being tested on this initiative and further news on the scheme will be available shortly so watch this space.

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