"Talent profiling is often used to predict and enhance someone's future potential. Honest reflection, benchmarking, tracking and quantifying progress against targets is a key feature of a world class athlete. The same principles can be applied to businesses which have aspirations to get the best from their staff."
Chelsea Warr, Head of Athlete Development, UK Sport.

Project Focus


Sport Tech networking initiative leads the way for growth in global sport and technology.

thinkTASC have created a networking collaboration under the umbrella of ‘Sport Tech’ so that high performance sport and technology companies can work together to identify business opportunities in global sport.

Sports Tech hopes to grow sport and business in Northern Ireland through innovative technology and exporting locally developed technology.

High level sports coaches and players will be provided with the opportunity of getting together with design and technological companies to network and share ideas for developing technology in sport. The University of Ulster will also be involved in this initiative; they will be utilised as a testing and validation centre for future innovative designs and products that the networking team decide to develop.

Sport Tech will also run a calendar of events for networking opportunities by hosting bi-monthly ideas workshops where companies can get together to share and explore ideas for sports technology. It will also allow them share contacts to enable them to explore new business opportunities. New business opportunities like this do not exist if companies work in isolation; thinkTASC has identified that Northern Ireland needed better networking relationships between high performance sport and technology so have high hopes for Sport Tech moving forward.

It’s another great opportunity for maximising performance.

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