"thinkTASC offers a simple formula to help your people grow enabling them to build on their key strengths and take responsibility for their personal development so that they can achieve so much more."
Paul MacKinnon, thinkTASC


Toyota NI and Shelbourne Motors help thinkTASC to drive their performance.

Shelbourne Motors and Toyota NI took the ‘Black Goes Green’ changing colours concept one step further, supporting thinkTASC as an innovative new company by providing a Toyota Auris Hybrid car to assist with thinkTASC’s operations. The Toyota Auris Hybrid is an electric-petrol powered vehicle, leading the way in innovative performance, an environmentally friendly and cost effective option.

thinkTASC greatly appreciates the support of both Shelbourne Motors and Toyota NI in working towards maximising performance, of which the Toyota Auris Hybrid is a fantastic example.

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